When you think about raving, or people at music festivals, lets be honest.. we assume a bunch of silly kids on drugs and drinking, but I have a different story to tell about my rave life.

I used to hate edm music, going out to clubs, djs. It all just seemed like one big ‘party life’ and that is something I was not interested in. My husband (boyfriend at the time) loved the music, loved the events, and loved going out, so of course whether I liked it or not, I got tickets to go to my first big music festival! Now I know NOTHING about DJs or edm music at this point and I just think all these weird names like Krewella and Flume were plain just stupid.

I was so amazed, as soon as I walked in… It was terrible. The music was loud, there was the typical messed up people on drugs or have had to much alcohol, everyone looked.. VERY dressed up, or should I say dressed down (wow lots of skin was seen). But the longer I stayed there, the more I liked it.

The people were the nicest people I have ever met, all the ‘losers’ of high school, all the people that want to spread love. I have met all the people that will one day be in my future wedding, and they were. You don’t become friends really, you become a family. In rave, in life. I have never been more myself than around these people.

As I said earlier, I HATED the music. It all just sounded the same to me… Until I started listening more and more. There are so many genres within this one EDM genre. These DJs have a way of making you feel their music, and really feel it. Other than being myself at raves and around my family, I have also never been so emotional than at a rave. Music has a way of reaching these people in such a way that is so overwhelming at beautiful.

Now a days I actually have started for a company that puts on these shows! I promote amazing music and artists which allows me to meet new people, friends, DJs, and even travel a little bit for music festivals.

I hope more people can get into this lifestyle as something thats not just ‘party’ but a real life that can be so beautiful.