There’s a Daddy Too

There’s a Daddy Too


Everyone puts all their focus onto the female. Pregnancy is a lot about the female yes, but there is also a male role during this time as well. And I think nobody seems to understand that. I may be carrying the baby, I may have to endure the physical side such as pains and aches. But emotionally, this is a new lifestyle.

 “How are you doing?”, “How is baby doing?”, is what a here mostly everyday, from close friends, from distant friends I never used to speak to. But I see no one messaging or asking my husband the same questions. Why is that?

 Stress, anxiety, happiness, excitement, fear. That is all going through both of our heads. What will come next when we bring a new life into this world? The woman isn’t the only one who has to endure a child for the next 18+ years. I think more focus should be turned onto the men. They are just wanting to be included, and feel like they play some part in this as well, which they definitely do, of course, they made the other half of this child.

 I stay up all night, I toss and turn, I am emotional and lazy, and most of all, I am in a lot of pain and just plain exhausted. This what the woman has to endure other than of course the actual birth, there are hundreds of symptoms women can get from pregnancy, and we have to get through that, but what does the man do? He cleans, he stays up all night with us when we toss and turn, he cooks more, lifts more, keeps his mouth shut when he knows we are just raving pregnant women. All while still planning for baby to come.

 Next time you have a pregnant friend, ask the man how he is doing. Because he is going through this right beside his partner.